6 Fleurie
    • 6.1 BHA

      Salicylic Acid with delicate action
      Product code: RV0661FE (100 ml)

      Exfoliating agent based on salicylic acid it stimulates the cellular turnover of the skin.

    • 6.2 AHA

      Glycolic Acid with average action
      Product code: RV0662FE (100 ml)

      Exfoliant based on glycolic acid it smoothes and renews the skin.

    • 6.3 AHA +

      Kojic and Mandelic Acid with strong action
      Product code: RV0663FE (100 ml)

      Gel based on Kojic acid and mandelic, a powerful mix of alpha-hydroxy acids, regenerates the skin.


      Acid Neutralizer
      Product code: RV0664FH (250 ml)

      Buffer solution to neutralize the exfoliating effect of acids.

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