25 Orohena
    • 25.1 TERRE NOIRE

      Volcanic powder
      Product code: RV2501VO (500 ml)

      Volcanic ash that, when in contact with the skin, performs a smoothing and re-mineralizing action.

    • 25.2 MAGMA

      Volcanic mask
      Product code: RV2502VO (500 ml)

      Mask based on dust and specific volcanic sand to treat cellulite.


      Mineral concentrate
      Product code: RV2503FH (250 ml)

      Stimulant concentrate rich in Vitamin B5 and minerals obtained from natural volcanic elements such as Zeolite and Sulfur, which restructure and purify the body in depth, especially from heavy metals.


      Nutrient mineral balsam
      Product code: RV2504VO (500 ml) e RV2504TG (200 ml)

      Body balm with volcano powder, Shea and Patchouli with regenerating and detoxifying properties. Leaves the skin perfectly hydrated and deeply nourished.

    • 25.5 MONOI

      Inebriating oil
      Product code: RV2505FH (250 ml)

      Oil based on Coconut and Tiarè. It helps to soothe and moisturize the most sensitive skin.

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