Mineral concentrate
Product code: RV2503FH (250 ml)

Stimulant concentrate rich in Vitamin B5 and minerals obtained from natural volcanic elements such as Zeolite and Sulfur, which restructure and purify the body in depth, especially from heavy metals.

Stimulating concentrate rich in minerals formed by natural volcanic elements. The microporous composition of the zeolite particles, deeply cleanses the body, especially from heavy metals. An increase of blood flow and temperature is manifested on the treated area for 20 min, induced by the vasodilator stress caused by methyl nicotinate.

Main active

Vitamin B5, Zeolite, Sulfur.

Way of use

Pour an adequate amount of product in a container, soak the bandages necessary for the treatment and leave them immersed until complete absorption. Proceed by wrapping the affected area.

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