25.2 MAGMA

25.2 MAGMA

Volcanic mask
Product code: RV2502VO (500 ml)

Mask based on dust and specific volcanic sand to treat cellulite.

Mask based on volcanic powder, formed by the eruption and transport of rocks on the ground, and volcanic sand formed by the rain of lava particles transported up to the sea that accumulating give shape to the black sand. The synergistic combination with carbon, zeolite and iodate complex make this a highly detoxifying, remineralising, and reducing product thus boosting stimulation of the microcirculatory system.

Main active

Carbon, Zeolite and Iodate complex.

Way of use

Apply the volcanic mask on the concerned area with a thickness of at least 2/3 mm leaving a thicker edge. Wait for the mixture to reach the right solidity for 15-20 min. Remove the product.

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