Toning synergy
Product code: RV2103FC (30 ml)

Phytocomplex of active ingredients formulated and indicated for treatments against imperfections due to lack of tone and elasticity; prevents and counteracts the relaxation of tissues and the formation of stretch marks.

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Complex of toning active principles such as mint, nettle and vanilla. It contains the Jania Rubens extract, a limestone red alga present in the Mediterranean, that, thanks to its properties, prevents and contrasts the relaxation of tissues giving them back tone and elasticity. Suitable to prevent and counteract the formation of stretch marks by stimulating the production of skin-support proteins.

Main active

Mint, nettle and vanilla, Jania Rubens extract.

Way of use

Apply 2/3 drops on the lymphatic stations and perform manual pumping, before starting the specific treatment. If necessary add 2/3 drops in order to increase the action of some products (scrubs, Shea cream and massage oils) necessary for treatment.

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