4 Sûpreme
    • 4.1 CRÈME SUPRÊME D’OR 24 KT

      Golden illuminating day cream
      Product code: RV0441VD (50 ml) e RV0441TG (200 ml)

      Reconstituent day cream, rich in active principles such as Ceramides and Glycosaminoglycans which stimulate the cellular regeneration process, boosting the production of elastin and collagen.


      Golden illuminating serum
      Product code: RV0442VD (50 ml)

      Golden fluid enriched with vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid with antioxidant, toning and firming properties.

    • 4.3 ELIXIR D’OR 24 KT

      Elixir d’Or 24kt
      Product code: RV0443VD (50 ml)

      Exclusive formula with a silky and golden texture with a lifting, re-oxygenating and compacting effect. Visible effects even on mature skin. Relieves wrinkles and defines the contours of the face thanks to the activity of Peptides.

    • 4.4 MASQUE D’OR 24 KT

      Gold Mask with restructuring action
      Product code: RV0444VG (200 ml)

      Exclusive golden mask in gel rich in anti-age hyaluronic acid. Brightens and nourishes the skin of the face giving it a more compact appearance.

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