23 Harmonie
    • 23.1 SILHOUETTE

      Reducing Cream
      Product code: RV2301FL (400 ml) e RV2301TG (200 ml)

      Cream designed to combat cellulite.

    • 23.2 NUAGE MINCEUR

      Slimming lotion
      Product code: RV2302SG (200 ml)

      This lotion is designed to combat  localised fat imperfections

    • 23.3 TONIQUE

      Firming cream
      Product code: RV2303FL (400 ml) e RV2303TG (200 ml)

      Highly invigorating specific cream to counteract the imperfections caused by skin aging.


      Toning Mousse
      Product code: RV2304FF (150 ml)

      Specific mousse to counteract the imperfections due to the lack of tone and elasticity of the tissues.

    • 23.5 LA CRÉME

      Shea Butter nourishing cream
      Product code: RV2305FL (400 ml)

      Strongly nourishing cream based on shea butter, known for its moisturizing, nourishing and elasticizing properties.

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