RÊVER LABORATOIRE is the new professional line of cosmetics and prestige addressing both face and body treatments.

Our cosmetics are the result of careful research and selection of the best raw materials, which combined in unique formulas, guarantee high functionality and absolutely remarkable performance.

RÊVER LABORATOIRE stems from the merger between:

  • QUALITY through a research for avant-garde formulas by our research and development area;
  • PHILOSOPHY through the “Trajet-s” and a wise, soft and natural approach to educate customers to take care of themselves!
  • RESEARCH in natural active principles able to create moments of pleasure in which the customer can be free to dream and escape, for a moment, from everyday life.
  1. It’s a cosmeceutical and phytocosmetical line.
  2. It contains exclusive formulas with high concentration of active principles.
  3. The formulation meets the minimum % of emulsifiers and preservatives necessary to guarantee the extreme stability of the product and absence of side effects.
  4. It’s dynamic and modular. The expert can choose, between different lines, the best product for every type of imperfection.
  5. Specific tests of epidermis tolerability were carried out on each product.
  6. Products are strongly oriented to results.
  7. Constant quality control takes place through verification in each phase of the production process and in each individual batch.
  8. The special “cold” emulsion guarantees refined textures and pleasantness in the product’s application.
  9. Packaging is luxurious and functional both for use and product preservation.
  10. Training courses are provided on the innovative program of professional beauty rituals, called “TRAJET”.

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